“Dr. Barger is a leader in the clarinet world today.  She is active in the leadership of the International Clarinet Association, she is commissioning new works for the instrument, she has published many articles, has appeared on several internationally released CD projects, and performs regularly at local, national, and international venues.  Her sound, technique, style and musical expression are all artist level.  Her communication with the audience is superb.

As a teacher, Diane is respected and admired. Her students are placing in international competitions, and they are being hired in public school positions, military band positions, and college/university jobs.  The fact is that she is among the best.”

Dr. Robert Spring
Evelyn Smith Professor of Music (Clarinet)
Arizona State University
Past President, International Clarinet Association

“Dr. Barger has been a real blessing to our daughter!  I had the good fortune of finding Dr. Barger while searching for a clarinet teacher for my 7th grade daughter, who had decided to take band and wanted to 'catch' up to the rest of the kids in the band.  Her first lesson consisted of the pure basics of assembling the clarinet and learning how to hold it, now only 6 lessons later, she is not only caught up to the rest of the clarinet players in the band, but has an understanding of her instrument, a technique, and the sound quality of someone who has played for several years.  My daughter loves her as a teacher, and looks forward to each and every lesson. Dr. Barger inspires her to do her best in a fun and un-intimidating way.  We are just simply amazed at the progress she has made and the enthusiasm she has towards playing the clarinet.”

Kris, mother of 7th grade student

"Diane Barger is one of those rare musicians who possesses all five necessary qualities to be a top clarinet pedagogue: She can pinpoint effective solutions to improve anyone's playing in a flash; she is an exquisite artist clarinetist, an inquisitive scholar, a dedicated mentor, and she gets the administrative job done admirably. Clever and ambitious clarinetists who choose to study with Dr. Barger are in safe hands indeed."

Michele Gingras
Professor of Clarinet, Miami University of Ohio
Crossan Hays Curry Distinguished Educator
Author, "Clarinet Secrets"

“Dr. Barger has been an awesome teacher!  She is really funny and I've really learned a lot from her.  I'm always excited for my next lesson!”

Mackenzie, 7th grade student

“I have known Diane Barger since her arrival as Professor of Clarinet at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and as Principle Clarinet in the Lincoln Symphony Orchestra. As a member of the LSO for 35 years and a music educator for 30 years I’ve had the privilege to work with and experience Diane’s talent and zest for clarinet education. Diane brings unprecedented energy and passion to the clarinet as a performer/ educator. Her love for the clarinet is quite obvious whether performing, teaching or simply talking about the clarinet.

I personally find Cornerstone Academy of Clarinet an exciting endeavor and a well-needed ‘shot in the arm’ for bringing up young clarinetists and encouraging students to start on the clarinet. With the shortage of high school clarinetist in our city I find the academy quite encouraging for the future of music education in our community and state.”

Terry R. Rush
Instrumental Music Director, Lincoln High School
Trombonist-Lincoln Symphony Orchestra, Lincoln Municipal Band

“Dr. Barger brought my clarinet playing to another level. Under her guidance and expertise, I improved immensely from a young player out of undergrad to winning an assistantship to a top school of clarinet for my DMA: all in two short years. With Dr. Barger and her dedication toward her students, I know that I gained not only an incredible teacher of the clarinet, but a lifetime mentor and a colleague for the future.”

Julie Neal
Current DMA student and Graduate Teaching Assistant, Michigan State University
Former MM student and Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Nebraska-Lincoln







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