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Option III - Lesson and Payment Policies

All Traveling Studio Lessons will be scheduled and paid in advance at the beginning of each month (based on weekly lesson tuition rates: $25 for 1/2 hour; $35 for 3/4 hour; $50 for hour lessons). An additional traveling mileage fee may be added to weekly rate (to-be-determined after the initial phone interview) for the final monthly tuition rate. All checks shall be made out to: Cornerstone Academy of Clarinet, LLC.

No make-up lesson will be offered if student is not home when instructor arrives (as of the pre-determined lesson start time).

Lesson cancellation policy: due to our instructors' busy schedules, they must plan their family and professional lives around students' lesson times.  Unfortunately and historically, some students cancel lessons at the last minute for a variety of reasons other than illness or emergencies.  Out of respect for our instructors and their families, the following policy guidelines apply:

  • 24-hours advanced notice is required for the cancellation of a lesson.
  • Cancellation must be made by telephone call with appropriate reason for cancellation.
  • Acceptable excuses include illness or family-related emergencies until abuse of this is suspected at the discretion of Dr. Barger.
  • Lessons may not be cancelled due to lack of preparation!
  • Please consult your family, school, work, and/or extra-curricular activity calendars before you schedule your lesson. No lessons will be made-up for cancellations due to calendar neglect.
  • Payment will be collected for any lesson cancellation not meeting the above criteria.

If the bank returns your check, you will be charged a $25.00 cash fee above and beyond the original amount of the check, as this is the fee our bank charges us for processing a returned check. If you submit a subsequent returned check, Dr. Barger will consider whether or not the Cornerstone Academy wishes to continue a relationship with you. If it is determined to continue working together, you will be required to pay cash, money order, or certified check only from that point forward after all appropriate returned check fees are paid to us.

A quiet, clean, and safe atmosphere is required at the lesson site (pets must be out of the room, no television/radio on nearby, no clutter in the lesson room, no dangerous animals or people within the immediate vicinity, etc.).

A music stand (wire or Manhasset) and two proper chairs (i.e. not an armchair, adequate height) are required in the lesson room.

Parents may observe your lesson, but must remain quiet at all times. No friends or siblings may be present in the lesson room. If it is perceived the environment is creating a distraction for the student, the lesson will be immediately terminated with no refund offered.

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